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Dala Floda
Marr Sans

Since we started licensing our fonts for use on the web, we’ve been thinking more and more about the aesthetic possibilities for typography on the web that come with a dynamic and interactive canvas. This showcase came about because we wanted to explore how typefaces with more assertive personalities, like Druk and Gabriello, could be used on the web, as well as how utilitarian workhorses, like Publico and Lyon, work as well on screen as they do in print.

    We enlisted Wael Morcos, a young graphic and type designer, to explore what is possible in the ever-changing world of design for the screen. In no time he came back with designs for sixteen microsites that each show a different family from our library and highlight a different aspect of its personality. We hope you find these microsites entertaining, exciting, inspiring… or at least fun to play with for a few minutes.

     Please keep in mind that every piece of text in this collection of microsites is rendered with our webfonts: no PNGs or SVGs are used (except in the About pages). For those of you who want to peek under the hood, we included a short explanation of how each microsite was built on the About pages, along with some additional information about the typeface itself.


Before we begin, a few caveats:

• These microsites are designed to be experienced on a laptop or desktop computer. Most of them have full functionality (or close to it) on a tablet, but some features may not work quite as well.

• If you’re reading this on a tablet, please use portrait mode, as the keyboard takes up too much of the screen real estate for an optimal experience in landscape mode.

• The Dala Floda microsite contains noise. If your coworkers are sensitive to noise, or if you’re in a public coffee shop, please mute your computer or plug in headphones before heading to that site.

• If you are using Windows, please use Internet Explorer 9 or later.



Wael Morcos conceptualized and designed the sixteen microsites and

the homepage, beginning in January 2014 through to the launch on 10 September.

Branimir Vasili懠and Sarah Guck at GrayBits in Philadelphia carried out development

between March and August 2014.

Kat JK Lee wrote the text for the Giorgio, Lyon, and Platform microsites.

Christian Schwartz assembled the "About this typeface" texts, borrowing showings

from the original PDF specimens by Abi Huynh, Paul Barnes, Wael Morcos, and Jack Curry.

Mark Record dealt with all font-related technical issues and provided user feedback.

Jack Curry also gave invaluable user feedback.

We are of course also indebted to the type designers who built the library, and the

artists and writers whose work sparked the ideas for many of the microsites.

This microsite is currently overloaded. Please try one of the others.